Place yourself, you earned it.

Companies apply to you with average offer $117,216 and recruit yourself bonus $5,874

An open platform for top talent and employers to connect directly, for permanent, part time, freelancer placement.

Job Seekers

Who is this for?

In demand job skills like Engineering, IT, Healthcare, Skilled Trades, and many others. If you are considering change or just curious, instead of being recruited earn your own finders fee and get the job you want.

Matching matters!

Getting paid is just the icing, we match desires, experiences, and personal preferences, it's what we do! Employers find and onboard talent faster, candidates choose the opportunity that fits best, win win.

Put our Engine to work.

Our system prospects jobs for you on social media, aggregators, company web sites, and our own employer listings. Anonymously view full details from the employer themselves before sharing personal information.


Pre-screened candidates and confidential interactions. 70% cheaper than recruiters and 46% cheaper than comparable online solutions. Free access to candidates and job postings for your full time, part time, and contract work.

Our Experience.

With one profile anonymously evaluate interesting companies as they apply to you with exciting opportunities. Get the full details up front, move forward or decline it's all up to you. You chose your career path thoughtfully, educated yourself, worked hard, make the career choices you want with full control. We provide the tools!

Built for your in demand skills.

Employers want skills and culture fit, and you want culture fit, interesting work, and good pay. If you find yourself being contacted by recruiters or the focus of job sites it's a good indicator our technology is for you.

We asked, why can't people recruit themselves and realize their own value instead of other's profiting? We provide the screening and matching engine so you can earn the job and the self recruiting bonus with minimal effort.

How does this work exactly?

Our system curates and matches your anonymous details with employers who must engage you with the full opportunity details.

We match using your skills and preferences against a companies profile and the job reqs they have.

We are able to reach across almost any job aggregator to the decsion maker with these matches, even employers we don't yet have signed up! When you are engaged with an interesting opportunity, reveal your contact info and start the interview.

If hired you are the recipient of the fees they would have paid someone else to recruit you or spent as part of their internal recruiting process.

Future Users

We are just getting started!