Recruiting's broken, so we're fixing it.

What we do, exactly.

Our platform matches job candidates to employer opportunities making use of technologies missing from this industry, secure big data, document similarity, semantic enhancement, and machine learning.

This is a no nonsense approach to hiring, built for people and companies that are truly motivated to hire. We know this won't be for everyone, internal recruiters think we are trying to replace them (we are not and we don't), and some candidates are fine with their personal information being exploited as long as they get a job.

For those that want to maximize their value, who worked hard to get where they are, care about finding top talent at incredible value, and are not afraid to try something new, welcome to our software.

Who we are, exactly.

Engineers really, we built a platform for people to reap their own rewards and one that employers would find useful. When founder Chris Wyse teamed up with founder Jason Newmoyer to build out a big data solution for conferences, expos, trade shows, and concerts they needed to hire a variety of experts to get started. The cost and time associated with pay per resume services and placement agencies required even more work to manage and quickly proved to be unsustainable.

"The search for talent ahead of our new venture and the cost associated with recruiting blew us away, we needed computer hardware designers and firmware engineers. This led us to design an early version of what would become the BC you are on now."

Long story short, we envisioned how to make recruiting work for us, now we want to make it work for everyone.

Matching cancer research needs with talent!

We help researchers and companies engaged in the fight against cancer find candidates otherwise not aware of opportunities but who want to get involved! Free for anyone doing grant or publicly funded research, special discounts for commercial.

Meet the Team

Founded by engineers, run by doers.

Work with us, you bet!

Love our idea? Help us and yourself.

We don't have sales here at BC, instead we have a more organic group of evangelists who believe in our idea of how placements should work and who want to earn money by helping.

Evangelists do the same job as sales people but on their own time and schedule, they make good money too. Work from home, part time, full time, whatever works best for you. Bring in a company and expand it's use through your personal connections, your own self started BC franchise, or by working there (subject to the company allowing). All successful placements earn you 10% of our fee for the life of time that you are actively evangelizing and working with that client.

On the candidate side people with big networks and selflessly promoting BC can earn up to $500 for every awesome referral.

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