Earn your own recruiting fee while getting a great offer.

It's about what you want as much as what you've done.

Helping you find the best career fit is our primary goal.
Maximizing your income and recruiting bonus, it's why we started this.

  • We are not recruiters, we are a platform for you to recruit yourself.
  • Privacy until you're ready, anonymously receive the full offer details first.
  • Custom engagement process, opt in and open dialogue or decline.
  • 4%-8% of total offer paid to you for saving the company much higher fees elsewhere.
  • Up to $500 dollars for hired referrals that you invited.
  • One profile here matches listings on aggregators, social media, and corporate sites.

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Recruit Yourself Bonus

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Who we are.

Candidates from varied verticals and backgrounds, generally skilled practioners but also entry level candidates. This year we plan on a large college drive to bring in entry level engineers, graphic arts, and several health care fields. We are also working to socialize the platform for skilled trades targeted at permanent positions.

Candidate locations are throughout the continental US in or near most major metropolitan areas.

Active Candidate Skills

Software Engineering


IT Support


Project Management


Sales and Marketing


Want to help find a cure for cancer? We think you can.

We added a speciality aspect of our service to match researchers and companies engaged in the fight against cancer with well, you. We believe that technology know-how is one of the keys needed to unlock the cure. If you would be interested in bringing your talents to the fight we can help match you with some of our cutting edge companies.

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