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Matching candidates with your requirements and culture is our primary focus.
Saving you money compared to current industry fees is our secondary focus.

  • 70% cheaper than recruiters and 46% cheaper than comparable online solutions.
  • The small fee you pay here goes to your candidate after 120 days on the job.
  • Proprietary matching, do nothing and get qualified email alerts for your open job reqs.
  • Only active candidates, screened and curated monthly by talent managers.
  • Custom engagement process ahead of your HR to save time.
  • Free to browse and submit job reqs which we list, also FREE.
  • Talent management working on your behalf, FREE.


Freely search the candidate profiles at will from anywhere you are connected. We offer a powerful custom search, saved searches, and proprietary matching based on both the specific job req and facts from your company profile.


With your search results delivered in application or email select the candidates you like and easily deliver your opportunity directly to them. Candidates respond or decline based on mutual interest early in the hiring process.


We realize every company is different and that hiring is one of the most important decisions you can make. This is the reason why once you reach the interview stage of an Engagement that you are able to use your trusted processes and people to carry out the interviews unimpeded.

Acquire and Retain

Make your formal offer and fine tune, directly with your candidate. No other site offers candidates the opportunity to market themselves and control their destiny with employers the way we do. Empowered candidates turn into empowered employees.


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Quickly see who matches and why!

View how accurately your job-reqs and corporate profile match to our candidate resumes and profile. Skills, education, culture preference, experiences, these are full resumes and profiles not just skill snippets without context!

Company Profiles

Your company profile here becomes an entry point for marketing to our matched candidates. Include all your company details, featured employee testimonials, pictures from your day to day and any corporate events. We add all your open jobs with highlighted requirements and benefits making it easy to showcase what you are all about!

We also share your company pages via promotional emails and social media feeds to exclusive candidates via our campaigns feature. See our own page here for what to expect.

The Candidates

Who we are

Candidates from varied verticals and backgrounds, generally skilled practioners but also entry level candidates. This year we plan on a large college drive to bring in entry level engineers, graphic arts, and several health care fields. We are also working to socialize the platform for skilled trades targeted at permanent positions.

Candidate locations are throughout the continental US in or near most major metropolitan areas.

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